Ecohealth has developed a Totally Natural, Medical Antiseptic, Antibacterial Scrub and Hand wash that kills MRSA in one minute.

World First Natural plant / herb derivative Antiseptic Hand Wash That Kills 100% MRSA In One Minute Flat !!!

Tested by SABS, SANS 5261-2009 three times with 100% NO Growth.

MRSA is a FLESH EATING Bacteria that is causing huge problems in patients in hospitals world wide resulting in death or loss of limbs or devastating scarring. Approximately ten percent of the world?s population are carriers of this deadly bacteria.
No more is the patient at risk of MRSA. Now in just ONE MINUTE Ecohealth?s Antiseptic /Antibacterial Hand wash will eliminate 100% Staphylococcus Aureus Escherichia Coli Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus Sta 61 (MRSA).

Ecohealths Natural plant / herb derivative Antiseptic Antibacterial Hand wash contains Absolutely NO harsh chemicals that is a cause of contact dermatitis in many health practitioners Ecohealth?s Antiseptic /Antibacterial Hand wash helps to not only prevent eczema but helps to clear eczema on hands in practitioners.

Antibacterial Scrub and Hand Wash Test Results

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About Ecohealth

Ecohealth was Researched and Developed By:

Lucille Pegg, a Cape Town based Trichologist and cosmetics expert. After 30 years of research, Pegg is internationally recognised for her best-selling formulas such as Hair Fantastique, Skin Fantastique and K-9 Care.

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Her latest developments are the Echohealth range of products which include:

Ecohealth Anti-bacterial Spray and Ecohealth Anti-bacterial Hand Wash, a plant derived natural herbal formulation.

Ecohealth No Mozzies anti-mosquito cream and spray

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