Customer Feedback

Schools, Pre-schools and Cr?ches

Cherubs & Angels
I care for children between 6 months and 4 years old, and have used Ecohealth spray and wash for several months, we have found a 90% drop in cross infection, after spraying the sleeping areas before the afternoon nap, washing the children?s hands, eating utensils and tables before lunch times, and spraying toys and all working areas in the cr?che, which I do believe has resulted in our success, Lockleen.

Wynberg After CARE
We at Wynberg look after 6 to10 year old children and have found a huge drop in infections with fewer absentees after introducing Ecohealth last year, we use the wash and spray to clean hands and eating areas before snack times, spray toys and working areas, we have also found the wash and spray works very well in cleaning cuts and grazes, Carol.

Mary Poppins After Care
Love it, we had been looking for a non-chemical product to sanitize the playing, eating areas for sometime, and have found that in Ecohealth spray and wash, there has been a definite decline in sick children and we have put this down to the constant use of the product. Erica.

Rainbow-land Pre-Primary School
We took on Ecohealth to cut down on the excessive use of chemicals with resounding results; the disinfection of mattresses in sleeping areas, face cloths, toys etc, has resulted in reduction of infections, with notable fewer and fewer absentees from school, Ecohealth has worked for us, with both the children and the teachers. Vanessa.

Covenant Kids Pre-Primary School
We have had good results since introducing Ecohealth at our pre-school, I?m pleased to say that the food preparation area in our kitchens are now chemically free, which has resulted in less toxins been absorbed by our children, the sleeping areas are sprayed before nap time which seems to have reduced infections, we also use the wash and spray to clean cuts and wounds. Stefan.

Wonderland Pre-Primary School
We at Wonderland are extremely happy with the excellent results from the use of Ecohealth, we have had a huge reduction in infections since spraying and washing the children?s hands, sleeping and eating areas. Beverley.

Herzlia Pre-Primary School
We have recently introduced Ecohealth into our 4 schools and are already seen reduced absentees, we use it in all areas of play, sleep and in the preparation of food to combat bacteria, it?s also used in our offices on computer keyboards, phones, etc. Renee.

South African College Schools
We use Ecohealth spray & wash in our sickbay to disinfect surgical equipment, tables and surface areas, we also clean cuts, open wounds, grazes, etc, and we have also stocked our medical kits with Ecohealth to be used by our first aid medics at sporting events.

Camps Bay Preparatory School
We have placed Ecohealth in our sick bay and classrooms with good results in the reduction of cross-infection; it is also used in our offices to clean telephones and computer keyboards with a 90% reduction in colds and flu?s. Hildeguard.

Nursing Homes & Frail care

The St James Retirement Hotel
Fantastic, we have been using Ecohealth for about 9 months, the beauty about it is, that it is a natural environmentally friendly product, its used by the nurses to spray on and wash there hands prior to examination to prevent cross infection, it is also sprayed directly onto wounds and bed-sores to speed up healing, we use Ecohealth to disinfect our surgical stainless steel instruments and equipment, gloves, beds and all areas exposed to bacteria, the nurses have also found that continues use has softened their hands and reversed the effects of contact dermatitis and eczema caused by harmful chemicals. Sister Pat.

Barrington Retirement House
Ecohealth has done wonders to eliminate the harsh elements left by chemical residue, it has left our care workers hands soft and bacteria free, it is also used to disinfect and sterilize sheets, beds, blankets, bathrooms etc. Karen.

Larmenier Retirement Village
We have used Ecohealth for about 8 month, and has had a big impact on the reduction of cross-infection, the nurse are very pleased with the effects your product has on their hands, and also reported a speeding up of the healing process after applying to open wounds, we also use Ecohealth on nurses trolleys, instruments, gloves and office equipment such as telephones computers etc. Sister Papen.

Trianon Retirement Home
We at Trianon have been using Ecohealth for a few months with good results in reducing contact bacteria, the nurses love the product on their hands and the clean aroma, we have used the spray to clean open wounds and bed sores, highly recommended. Janet.

Health Shops

The Good Stuff
We introduced Ecohealth about 9 months ago, due to our staff?s belief and personal use in the product we have developed a strong client base with regular sales, the usages vary from moms cleaning areas in shopping centres to change nappies, to cleaning toilet seats in public areas, spraying hands to disinfect in areas where there is no water etc, the product is so safe that it will cause no harm if accidentally swallowed. Noelene

Simply Natural
I have used and sold Ecohealth for some time now, with wonderful results and good feedback from customers, who at the moment are primary women, (hopefully their male counterparts will see the light soon), who keep the spray in their handbags to disinfect public toilet seats and hands, as well as to use in the house to clean kitchen utensils, chopping boards etc, I use it myself and am very pleased with results. Helga.

Steps To Health Pharmacy and Health Shop
We have has strong feedback from regular customers, who after months of usage swear by Ecohealth to prevent cross-infection, by spraying and washing their hands and keeping kitchens and bathrooms naturally bacteria free. Patrick.

Constantia Natural Health
We have recently bought Ecohealth with very good feedback from our customers in such a short space of time, this natural, eco-friendly anti-bacteria product with no chemicals has appealed to all; we spray the tills and hands after working with money which has resulted in less cross-infection. Leisl.

Salons, Centre?s & Businesses

Lesley Randall Beauty Salon
I use Ecohealth everywhere, love the product, I wipe down my massage table, clean my foot spa, (put the wash in to contain/eliminate bacteria) spray and wash instruments I use to do permanent tattooing, and spray my hands before and after treatments with no chemical residue left on my hands (keeps my hands lovely and soft, great no eczema), Lesley.

Healing Centre
As a registered physiotherapist I have found Ecohealth invaluable in the natural disinfecting of equipment, instruments and in the prevention of cross infection, having patients arriving with all sorts of bacteria its crucial to wash and disinfect hands after every treatment, but unlike the chemical products (which destroys your hands) Ecohealth softens and has the reverse effect on eczema and dermatitis. Carola.

Family Care Centre
It is such a relieve to have finally found a natural product that has the same effect as chemicals with out the harsh results and residue to hands and equipment, I have had positive response from patients who have purchased Ecohealth for private use. Juliane.

Being a family care centre dealing primarily in baby health care, we have used Ecohealth to replace the chemical equivalent for a much safer effect on the children?s skin, used to wipe down all areas and to clean hands to eliminate bacteria before examination; we have also had a good retail response. Sister Rika.

Dog Matters
We are an exclusive dog food manufacturing company, and its imperative that our work areas are bacteria free at all times, it?s such a pleasure to have found an environmentally friendly product that has all the effectiveness of chemicals but the safeness of a baby product. Belinda.